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Heidelberg MO

Heidelberg MO

Years of Manufacture: 1985- 1995

  • Type of Printing: Commercial printing, since this machine prints papers of less than 350g
  • Maximum printing formats: 88x66cm
  • Humidification Systems: Conventional (Old system) / Alcolor (Currently used system)
  • Number of Printing Bodies: 1/2/4/5/6/8 Colors + Optional aqueous or UV varnish
  • Perfector System (Optional System): The Perfector System is whereby the machine turns the sheet over, making it possible to print front and back simultaneously.
  • Example: Suppose we have a 4-color machine with a perfecting system in the middle of bodies 1 and 3, the machine will allow us to simultaneously print two colors, front and back. 2/2 Or, if the perfector system is not used, it will print four colors on one side only 4/0
  • Sheet Weight: 0.03 – 0.60mm
  • Plate Placement System: Manual System / Conventional or Quick Clamp / Autoplate
  • Remote control: CPC system which allows to control the ink loads, the humidification system, pressures and registers of the machine, among other things.

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