Our spare parts store is your resource for all components related to the Heidelberg CD102, a flagship offset press known for its robust performance and adaptability. Whether you need vital replacements or innovative accessories, our selection ensures your CD102 continues to excel. Dive into our extensive collection today, and find exactly what your operation requires! We also have spare parts for Heidelberg XL105

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Original spare parts for Heidelberg CD102


Heidelberg CD102 -Technical features and advantages

  1. Years of Manufacture: 1994 - Present
  2. Type of Printing: Commercial printing and packaging, since this machine allows printing high grammages, being able to print cardboard or even cardboard in some cases
  3. Maximum print formats: 102x72cm
  4. Humidification Systems: Alcolor (System currently used)
  5. Number of Printing Bodies: 1/2/4/5/6/8 Colors + Optional aqueous or UV varnish
  6. Perfector System (Optional System): The Perfector System is whereby the machine turns the sheet over, making it possible to print front and back simultaneously.
  7. Example: Suppose we have a 4-color machine with a perfecting system in the middle of bodies 1 and 3, the machine will allow us to simultaneously print two colors, front and back. 2/2 Or, if the perfector system is not used, it will print four colors on one side only 4/0
  8. Sheet Weight: 0.03 - 1.00 mm
  9. Plate Placement System: Manual / Conventional or Quick Clamp / Autoplate System
  10. Remote control: CPC system which allows to control the ink loads, the humidification system, pressures and registers of the machine, among other things.

Unlocking the Power of Your Heidelberg CD102 with Original Parts

There's a sense of intrigue surrounding the Heidelberg CD102 – a blend of cutting-edge technology and old-world craftsmanship that makes it a marvel in the world of offset printing. But every engineering marvel, no matter how brilliantly crafted, needs meticulous care and the right parts to keep it running at its best. If you've been on a quest to understand where and how to get the best out of your Heidelberg CD102, you've landed on the right page.

Ventajas de la Máquina Heidelberg CD102

Consistency in Print Quality

The Heidelberg CD102 stands out for delivering consistent print quality, irrespective of the print volume. This level of consistency is hard to find in the competitive world of offset printing.

Efficiency Meets Speed

Combining quick setups with fast printing capabilities, the CD102 ensures that high-volume print jobs are finished in no time, without compromising quality.

Durable Design for Longer Life

Crafted with attention to detail, its robust design ensures the Heidelberg CD102 can handle the rigors of daily use with ease.

The Importance of Original Parts for the Heidelberg CD102

Maintaining Optimal Performance

Just like a high-performance sports car requires specific parts to run at its best, the Heidelberg CD102 thrives on original parts. They ensure the machine functions as it was designed to.

Longevity and Durability

Original parts are manufactured under strict quality control, ensuring they last longer and perform consistently, saving you costs in the long run.

Safety and Warranty Preservation

By choosing original parts, you not only ensure the safety of your machine but also keep the manufacturer's warranty intact.

Tips to Keep Your Heidelberg CD102 Running Smoothly

  1. Regular Maintenance: Like any precision instrument, regular check-ups and cleaning can make a world of difference.
  2. Immediate Replacement of Worn-Out Parts: Proactive replacement ensures that small issues don't snowball into bigger, more expensive problems.
  3. Rely Only on Original Parts: For peak performance and safety, always opt for original parts for your Heidelberg CD102.


Q: Where's the best place to buy original Heidelberg CD102 parts? A: Equigraf.com offers a comprehensive range of genuine Heidelberg CD102 parts, ensuring you get the best quality every time.

Q: How can I ensure I'm buying genuine parts? A: Purchasing from trusted sources like Equigraf.com guarantees the authenticity of parts. Plus, original parts come with a unique identification mark.

Q: How often should I service my Heidelberg CD102? A: Regular servicing every six months or after intensive printing cycles ensures optimal performance.

Q: Can I trust free shipping offers online? A: With Equigraf.com, absolutely! We offer free shipping within the U.S., ensuring you get your parts promptly without any hidden charges.


The Heidelberg CD102 isn't just a machine; it's a legacy, a testament to what's possible when engineering meets passion. And to keep this legacy alive and thriving, it deserves nothing but the best - genuine parts from trusted sources like Equigraf.com. Whether you're an industry veteran or a novice just starting out, remember: the heart of your Heidelberg CD102 beats stronger and longer with the right care. So, why wait? Dive into our expansive range today and ensure your Heidelberg keeps crafting masterpieces, print after print.

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