In our spare parts store, find an extensive selection of components tailored for the Heidelberg CD74, a cutting-edge offset press celebrated for its precision and innovation. Whether you require essential parts or customized accessories, we’ve got everything to keep your CD74 functioning at its best. Trust in our quality and expertise; explore our collection today to find the exact parts your company needs! We also have spare parts for Heidelberg XL75.

Original spare parts for Heidelberg CD74

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Heidelberg CD74 -Technical features and advantages

  1. Years of Manufacture: 1994 - Present
  2. Type of Printing: Commercial printing and packaging, since this machine allows printing high grammages, being able to print cardboard or even cardboard in some cases
  3. Maximum print formats: 74x52cm
  4. Humidification Systems: Alcolor (System currently used)
  5. Number of Printing Bodies: 1/2/4/5/6/8 Colors + Optional aqueous or UV varnish
  6. Perfector System (Optional System): The Perfector System is whereby the machine turns the sheet over, making it possible to print front and back simultaneously.
  7. Example: Suppose we have a 4-color machine with a perfecting system in the middle of bodies 1 and 3, the machine will allow us to simultaneously print two colors, front and back. 2/2 Or, if the perfector system is not used, it will print four colors on one side only 4/0
  8. Sheet Weight: 0.03 - 1.00 mm
  9. Plate Placement System: Semi - autoplate (Automatic plate placement system)
  10. Remote control: CPC system which allows to control the ink loads, the humidification system, pressures and registers of the machine, among other things repare frozen.

Unveiling the Secrets to Keeping Your Heidelberg CD74 in Top Shape

Imagine a world where every print is perfect, where your Heidelberg CD74 runs smoothly day in and day out. This isn't just a fantasy; it's entirely achievable. But like any exceptional machine, it has its specific needs. Dive in to unlock the secrets to a thriving Heidelberg CD74.

The Powerhouse: Heidelberg CD74

At the heart of many top-tier print shops is the Heidelberg CD74, an emblem of quality and efficiency. It's not just a machine; it's an investment, a commitment to unparalleled print perfection.

Advantages of the Heidelberg CD74 Machine

Understanding the Heidelberg CD74 means recognizing its incredible advantages:

  • Precision in Every Print: Every detail, every color gradient is captured to perfection.
  • Operational Efficiency: Built for large-scale projects, ensuring both quality and speed are met.
  • Sturdy Durability: It's an epitome of German engineering, promising longevity and minimal downtimes.

But like any marvel of engineering, its brilliance requires care.

Why Genuine Parts Matter

To maintain the prestige and efficiency of the Heidelberg CD74, one golden rule stands tall: always opt for genuine parts. Here's why:

  • Seamless Compatibility: Genuine parts are made exclusively for the Heidelberg CD74, ensuring every component fits perfectly and works in harmony.
  • Guaranteed Longevity: Original parts undergo strict quality checks, ensuring they serve you longer and reduce frequent replacements.
  • Maintaining Machine Value: It's not just about function. Genuine parts ensure your machine retains its value over the years.

Your Heidelberg CD74’s Lifeline: Regular Maintenance

To maintain your machine's prowess:

  1. Timely Checkups: Like a regular health screening, timely assessments catch potential issues early on.
  2. Clean Operations: Dust can be your machine's silent adversary. Regular cleaning ensures the Heidelberg CD74 operates at its best.
  3. Trust Authentic Sources: Non-genuine parts are risky, often leading to frequent malfunctions.

Your Search Ends Here:

Where do you find these genuine parts? Welcome to We don't just sell parts; we offer peace of mind for every Heidelberg CD74 owner:

  • Global Availability: Serving customers worldwide, with free shipping within the U.S.
  • Assurance of Quality: Every part aligns with Heidelberg's strict standards.
  • Expert Support: A team of experts to guide you at every step, ensuring you get precisely what you need.

FAQs for the Informed Heidelberg CD74 Owner

Q: Why is original better than third-party parts?

A: Original parts maintain the integrity of your Heidelberg CD74. They're designed to the exact specifications of the machine, ensuring durability, compatibility, and optimal performance.

Q: How do I know when to replace a part?

A: Regular checkups will often indicate wear and tear. If you notice a drop in print quality or operational issues, it might be time to assess which parts need replacement.

Q: Can help me decide on the parts I need?

A: Absolutely! We're here to guide you. Our team understands the nuances of the Heidelberg CD74 and can assist you in making the right choices.

Q: What makes different from other suppliers?

A: We specialize exclusively in Heidelberg machines, ensuring a deep understanding and commitment to quality. Plus, with free U.S. shipping, we offer both value and convenience.

Q: How can I extend the life of my machine's parts?

A: Regular cleaning, ensuring the machine's environment is dust-free, and timely maintenance can significantly extend part lifespan.


The Heidelberg CD74 is a testament to printing perfection. And with the right care, genuine parts, and regular maintenance, it promises to be a lasting asset. Dive into, where your machine’s excellence continues. Every print, every project deserves nothing but the best.

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