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Precise, Fast and Clean nip width measurements The roller nip is critical in offset printing, both transporting and processing the ink and fountain solution. Offset technology is unique in that its process com- ponents – ink and water – are mixed under pressure. The ink stripe – indicating the visual imprint when two rollers are [...]

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Blower 117641-46 240V400W

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Blower G1G126 U=230V

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Control Panel Display CP2000

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Fan RL-144Gasgebl 230V75W

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Brand: Heidelberg Lever DS G2.030.001/4 Lever DS G2.030.003 Threaded Spindle G2.030.012 Pin G2.030.016 Lever Ds G2.030.005 Equipment: SpeedMaster 52

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Brand: Heidelberg Clamp 00.580.4473/02 Support Bar G2.007.655/01 Support Bar OS G2.007.057 Equipment: SpeedMaster 52