Heidelberg QM46 -Technical features and advantages

  1. Compact feeder with pile board for all formats
  2. IR Dryer
  3. Spay powder unit
  4. Electronic sheet monitoring and arrival control for reliable paper travel
  5. AutoPlate for automatic plate changes
  6. Register setting on the fly saves time
  7. Large rapid-response inking unit for excellent print quality Alcohol-free direct continuous dampening system for consistency in the production run and rapid drying Joint washing of inking and dampening units for rapid job changes.
  8. Logical operation that is easy to learn

Heidelberg Circuit Board Svk2 Part Number: A1.144.9115

Heidelberg Cp2000 Display Part Number: 00.783.0002 E5/B


Heidelberg Cylinder Valve Part Number: A1.184.0010 A2/A


Heidelberg Cylinder Valve Part Number: A1.184.0020 D1/E


Heidelberg Cylinder Valve Part Number: A4.334.001 D1/E


Heidelberg Flat Module Ztk Part Number: 00.785.0157

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