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Heidelberg Gear Part Number: G2.007.512 H3/B

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heidelberg parts
Brand: Heidelberg Gear G2.007.512 Centering Piece G2.007.511 Pawl G2.007.507 Torsion Spring G2.007.515 Scale 10.105.8199/01 Countersunk Screw 00.500.0430 Compression Spring G2.007.521/01 Spring Pin 6 x 60 00.530.0340 Lubricating Nipple 00.600.0180 Washer 00.008.046 Allen Screw M8 x 25 00.520.1928 Allen Screw M8 x 30 00.540.0154 Circlip 10 x 1 00.510.0088 Shim Ring 00.510.0441 Lubrication Free Bushing 00.580.0824 Pinion G2.007.510/01 Spring Pin 00.530.0925 Grub Crew 00.520.0763 Clamping Disc G2.007.520/01 Hexagon Head 00.600.0191 Equipment: SpeedMaster 52G2.007.512

Availability: In stock

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