We strive to provide you with the best technical and logistical support in the world.

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The graphics specialists

In this way, Equigraf will keep your machine in production 365 days a year, allowing you to offer your customer an excellent service, without wasting time or incidentals.

Preventive Maintenance

We perform both personal and remote diagnostics with our highly qualified team of engineers who have the precise knowledge of recognizing which part you need to replace, without losing production time.

Disarmed & Logistic

We guarantee the quality, speed and the responsibility that your machine deserves

Full transport & Installation

We take care of the movement of your machine across the entire United States, taking the necessary precautions making your equipment arrive quickly and in perfect conditions to its destination.

Diagnostics and Solutions

We perform diagnoses, adjustments, cleaning, and lubrication of all the mechanical, pneumatic and electrical parts of the press equipment.

Removal & Relocation

We will be the best option for movings or relocation of machines around your own printing plant, simply contact us, we will quote you as soon as possible and strategically, schedule the work to be done.